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Why I Workout

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People sometimes think that I workout to lose weight. Those people are the ones that don't understand what being fit is about.

I'm not saying that I don't appreciate the 30 pounds I've lost in the last year, but it's just an awesome side effect. I don't have kids to “live for” and I don't have anyone to impress but myself. I do it for me--100%.

The reason I work out is so I can continue to do the things I love. All of those things require stamina and a strong body - hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, snowshoeing. The amazing side effect of those activities is that they build my confidence, especially since I do a lot of them alone. I don't have anyone else to turn to if a decision is needed. I have to take care of not just myself but my unbelievable sidekick Motown. If I make a bad decision, it's all on me.

I eat right to make the workouts worth more and to not take two steps back and one step forward. I don't "enjoy" working out but I know it's necessary to keep doing what I love. I'm not getting any younger and I want to maintain the outdoor lifestyle I've built for myself and have become accustomed to. I'm definitely not saying that I'm perfect in this endeavor. Real, everyday, “the girl next door” is the type of woman I am. A little overweight and I don't eat perfectly all the time but I. LOVE. FOOD. I just realize that I have to make conscious decisions to meet my goals. If I don't make the smart decisions, then I know what the repercussions are. Again, it's all on me.

Angela's team for the Tri for the Cure Triathlon.

„I also try to do workouts that inspire me. I love to be outdoors, so why would I rely on being inside to do a workout?”

When I go to the backcountry, I am at high altitude. That means that things are a little bit harder to do physically if you're not prepared. I started working out more regularly because I realized I was working really hard when I was trying to have fun. When I do the work at home, then I'm not working so hard when I'm in the backcountry. That means that instead of sucking wind so much (because I still suck wind at altitude, no way around it), I'm able to look around and enjoy my surroundings a lot more.

I also try to do workouts that inspire me. The outdoors is my happy place, so why would I rely on being inside to do a workout? I go for runs at the dog park at sunset with Motown which kills two birds with one stone--he gets his workout and I get mine, all while watching the amazing sunset over the Rocky Mountains. Looking at Long's Peak, I say, “I'm doing this so I can climb you!” I have no idea what I'll say when I finally accomplish that goal.

This year, I really stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for a triathlon. It is a sprint triathlon, which means shorter distances. Swim, Bike, Run. I haven't swam or biked in eons! It's been a really awe-inspiring experience getting ready for it. I decided to do it because my cousin's wife talked me into it. She is part of a stunning group of women from all fitness levels that train together. Everyone has their strengths and everyone completely supports each other. Not one single person is a “work-out guru”. We are all real women leading real lives.


If you have a chance to start a workout group of your own or sign up for something like a triathlon, I really suggest it. It's eye-opening and inspiring.

The last thing I do to round it out (because I don't have a gym membership and am not inspired there), is workouts at home with either YouTube videos, or my favorite BeachBody® workout. BeachBody® has amazing workouts and a lot of them are only 30 minutes long so no excuse about time crunches. These workouts are great in a pinch or when the weather is bad and also just to mix it up. If you sign up for BeachBody® On Demand, you can even choose from hundreds of workouts so you never get bored and you also get great nutrition advice from the trainers. Check it out. The BeachBody® 21 Day Fix is what jump started my 30 pound weight loss. Easy to follow and teaches you about portion control.

So the next time you start that DVD or go to the gym or do whatever it is you do, don't make it about the weight, that will come, I promise. And it will come easier and faster if you focus on the other incredible things that come with it. And who knows, if you do, then when you come to Colorado for a visit, I'll show you my backyard and inspiration!

Dog Park Angela takes Motown to, for an evening of fun.

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