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Weminuche Wilderness: July 8-13, 2017 Day 4

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August 2, 2017
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August 6, 2017

I wake around 7am but lie there cuddling my Motown for a while. I hope he feels better. I was contemplating trying to make Squaw Pass today but decided against it once Motown got sick last night. So now we have a much shorter hike out. So do I stay at the lake or start back and camp tonight on Squaw Creek Trail? My 3 fellow campers told me there's good camp spots partway down. Motown is obviously feeling much better. He ate right away and immediately grabbed a stick (that looks like a snake in a picture I took--haha) and chased after it when I would throw it.

We head down the trail and come across a rather large group of young people, mostly young women! That is so cool to see. They give me tips on camp sites and I warn them about the willows heading up to Snowslide Trail. They are going that way to Weminuche Trail the next day. They love seeing Motown and he loves getting the attention. They tell me about a campsite just before the creek crossing. When we get there, I decide to have lunch and think about staying there because of a storm coming in. Until I remember Karen telling me about the horrendous flies at that camp! They are bad and Motown is miserable! I decide to hike to the next camp I see. Hopefully the rain lets up enough to set camp soon.

Day Four: Monday, July 11

The rain is that kind that just is steady and constant and soaking! It is pretty to see this amazing valley like this but I won't lie. I was over it after about 2 hours. I wasn't finding any campsites even though I've gone off the trail to some promising looking ones. I'm cursing myself for not staying at the lunch spot. The flies would have sucked, but at least we'd be dry.

Just when I'm thinking about just walking the rest of the way out, the rain lets up and I find a spot! Yay!! The rain stops for just enough time for me to set camp. I am soaked! At least my lower body is. I had my rain jacket on but obviously that doesn't help on the bottoms. I have rain pants but for some reason cannot find them at home. So annoying! There's probably zero chance of my hiking boots drying anytime soon. It will be a soggy walk out tomorrow but I figure I've only got about 4 miles or so before I'm back at the campground.

Motown and I hunker down in the tent for another couple hours as the rain continues. I don't mind playing solitaire and dozing off a couple of times to the sound of the rain on my tent. Around 630pm, I start getting really hungry so I steel myself for getting the tarp set up for a dinner spot away from my tent. As I get the tarp set up, the rain stops again and I'm able to stand and enjoy the view of the Squaw Creek Valley while I indulge in some chicken teriyaki tonight! De-lish! Meanwhile, the tarp still gets used by Motown who lays underneath while I eat.

„I'm sure the wildlife is using this moment as a sitcom for the night!”


After dinner, while I'm brushing my teeth and washing my face, we see a young elk buck on the other side of the creek. He's curious but not scared and moves on. I stand by the tent for quite a while trying to do yoga poses to stretch but my balance is a little off. I'm sure the wildlife is using this moment as a sitcom for the night!

As I sit here writing, I'm hoping the GoPro pics turn out from Weminuche Meadows though Brent said he would send me any of his that may have turned out. I promised the same.

This has been an amazing trip. I've met fantastic people that I hope to stay in touch with and am encouraged to see a younger generation of ladies hiking it out. Tomorrow I look forward to a Freeman's burger. Freeman's is a local favorite and has been around for a few decades. I find out too late that you can also get a $7 shower next door at the Freeman's Ranch. Note for next time. I also grab a six pack of beer for back at the campsite (Freeman's can sell it but they don't have a consume license so I can't have one with dinner).

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